Sunday, July 15, 2012

A bad case of the "Circus Afros"

       Long time, no post, nerdlets. Just got back from a very hectic vacation (kind of an oxymoron, no?) in Lake George, and I had very limited (read: absolutely no) internet access there, so I couldn't really post anything new. Even if I wanted to, I had a handful of energetic cousins begging me to go kayaking, play Seven Steps Around the House, decorate cookies, etc. I barely had time to take a breath, let alone try to write something. Anywho, I'll hopefully get back on track and start posting regularly again. Since it's kinda late and I'm tired, I'm just going to share a few hilarious... ok actually ANNOYING, but still hilarious videos and then try to catch up on sleep (I hardly got any this week, seeing as I stayed up until 2 AM every morning watching Psych with my cousin, and then I had to get up early on Saturday for a trip to New York City. Fun, but tiring!) Alright, enough talking, let's start Circus Afro-ing!

      There's a fun story behind my discovery of Circus Afro. It was the end of the school year, and my band teacher let us just hang out for the last few days of class instead of practicing, so my friend and I were looking up stupid videos on my phone. She told me about this song, and even sang it for me, so of course I had to look it up, and I found the ten minute version. We could not stop laughing! Every time it repeated, we would look at each other and crack up. I'm pretty sure it was funny because of the slight pause in between each repetition, but I'l leave that for you to decide. What made this vid even funnier was when my teacher yelled at my other friend for goofing off and the whole room went silent for a moment - and then all you could hear was.. "DA DA DADADADA DA DA CIRCUS!" Of course, this sent my friend and me into hysterics, and we were nearly crying from laughing so hard. Enjoy the obnoxiousness:

      Then, my friend posts this gem on my Facebook wall:

      A brilliant mash-up, if I do say so myself! It's great that the two songs go so well together; they probably took the same amount of artistic talent to create. OOH, BURN.

      And to wrap it all up, I present to you a vast improvement on the frighteningly feminine Justin Bieber. It's still an awful song, and it still makes my ears bleed, but at least I'm laughing simultaneously. I'd rather listen to Circus Afro than Baby any day:

      Well, I hope that wasn't too annoying. I find dumb things very entertaining when I'm tired. Goodnight interwebz, I'll be back when I've regained my energy and my sophisticated sense of humor... or something like that. zzzzzzzzzzz....

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