Sunday, July 1, 2012

Malls and Hauls

      Hauling: the classic pastime of girls across America since the invention of malls, and possibly one of my favorite activities ever. For anyone who doesn't know, a haul is basically a shopping spree. Lots of times hauls involve buying ridiculous amounts of makeup, or raiding one store in particular until you've pretty much bought everything in sight that fits. This is not always the case; if one purchases from various stores in one trip, it can be considered a haul. I had a mini-haul today, seeing as I'm dead broke and was relying on my sad-puppy eyes and copious usage of the word "Pleeeeeaassseeeee????" to convince my mom to pay for my shopping. Nevertheless, I managed to round up a fairly decent stockpile of fun items. Here they are:

Steve Madden 'Stacie' gladiator sandals in Cognac/Gold
J. Crew 3" chino short in Modern Red
Studio Silver sterling silver hoop earrings
Old Navy women's new classic flip-flops in black
OPI Nail Lacquer in Alpine Snow
Gap 'The Perfect Striped Shirt' in Navy Stripe
Close-up of Gap shirt
Even closer-up of Gap shirt
Gap skinny leather belt with metal buckle in True Black
      And there you have it: my successful shopping trip! :)

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