Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Best Internet Videos, Part One: Cute Things

      YouTube: probably the most diverse site on the internet, and one of my favorites. There is something for everyone, whether you want to laugh, cry, or be amazed. From full-length movies to albums to short clips, YouTube has it all. And I wanted to share some of my personal favorite videos, starting with cute ones of adorable animals and people. So let's dim the lights and start the show!

      The first video is what happens when a very persistent bird comes in contact with some incredibly patient kittens:

      Next up is probably the cutest dog on the internet: Boo! Here he is falling asleep to Muse:

      This parrot can sing better than I can! And his kiss noise is so cute:

      This video just makes my heart melt:

      Paul McCartney is too cute for words. I wonder if his mashed potatoes are any good:

      I love how this puppy keeps trying to play with his reflection:

      The sweetest wedding proposal EVER. I hope someone proposes to me like this:

      This is one smart beagle! He plays dead before he's even "shot":

      Just listening to this baby's laugh made me chuckle:

      Awwww! Bye-bye bear! So 'dorbs:

      I wish all boys were as sweet as this one:

      Help! I've fallen and I can't get up:

      Go, little panda, go! He's so determined:

      This beluga enjoys some music. He even looks like he's dancing:

      This is such a heartwarming video. Seal + human = friendship:

      And as the grand finale, I bring you a baby that can't make up his mind. "Hahaha, mommy blew her n- SWEET JESUS WHAT IS THAT NOISE?!":

      Any one of these videos can instantly cheer me up when I'm feeling depressed. For anyone reading, I hope all of this adorableness made your day a little brighter! :)

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